Analisis Kelayakan Usaha Gula Aren Cetak di Kota Tomohon

  • Mikke R Marentek Politeknik Negeri Manado
  • Efendy Rasjid Politeknik Negeri Manado
  • Jedithjah Papia Politeknik Negeri Manado


 The study aims to identify the activities of palm sugar craftsmen and to know the feasibility of palm sugar mold business in Tomohon City. The research method used to identify the activity of sugar palm craftsmen was analyzed using descriptive analysis and to analyze the feasibility of sugar palm business with BEP and R / C Ratio. Sampling technique using Simple Random Sampling method. Samples were 62 palm sugar sellers. Primary data of observation, interview with questioner and secondary data obtained by related institution. The results concluded the process of producing palm sugar through the stages of preparation, tapping, cooking, packaging is still traditional. The business of sugar palm in
Tomohon city is feasible to run, BEP production volume without calculating labor cost 24,58 kg <420 kg, if calculated labor cost 193,59 kg <420 kg, while BEP production price without calculating labor cost Rp 1,038 <Rp 17,750, if calculated labor cost Rp 8,181,74 <Rp 17,750. Calculation of R / C Ratio without calculating labor cost 18.06> 1 while calculated labor cost 2.29> 1 means to include labor cost and does not include labor cost effort sugar business in Tomohon city worth to develop.

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MARENTEK, Mikke R; RASJID, Efendy; PAPIA, Jedithjah. Analisis Kelayakan Usaha Gula Aren Cetak di Kota Tomohon. Prosiding Sentrinov (Seminar Nasional Terapan Riset Inovatif), [S.l.], v. 3, n. 1, p. EB422-EB432, nov. 2017. ISSN 2477-2097. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 01 oct. 2022.