Model of “Research Methodology” Writing of Applied Bachelor’s Final Project Based On Genre

  • Nur Hasyim Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Ade Sukma Mulya Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Sri Wahyono Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • Darul Nurjanah Politeknik Negeri Jakarta


Write the Research Methods of project final based on applied has its own difficulties for bachelor student of applied because in that section need to be described the stages of research clearly so that it is necessary to choose the writing model as it is suitable to be applied in order to write the Research Methods section correctly and quickly and the genre-based writing model is one models that can be used. The writing model of Research Methods of applied final project of the genre has never been created and has never been written. So that this research on the focus on writing of the Research Methodology section so that the formulation of the problem is like what is the model of writing the Research Methodology section of the applied final project based on genre? Research is done by using research development approach. Data were collected by (i) conducting literature studies, (ii) conducting FGD with genre experts, as well as (ii) making direct observations among students writing final project, while data analysis was qualitative analysis. The results show that according to the genre theory that (i) writing of Research methodology need use procedure text, namely text that gives instructions on how to do something, (ii) the text of the procedure uses more material processes, such as collecting, processing, and formulating, (iii) exposure to such material processes usually expressed by imperative clauses (commands) and the clauses are often passive.

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