Concept of Green Integrated Learning in State Polytechnic of Bali

  • I Ketut Budarma Politeknik Negeri Bali


State Polytechnic of Bali has been assigned by Indonesian government to develop green tourism as its center of technology. Green tourism or sustainable tourism development has been a global and local issue to minimize negative impacts of tourism development on natural environment, socio-cultural and economy. The success of the sustainable tourism development has become responsibility of all related stakeholders involved in tourism, including educational institution to produce professional graduates with green competency, highly required by tourism industries. This research aims to assess the concept of green tourism that would become the foundation of learning process based on green or green integrated learning. The end goal is to have mutually agreed standard concept, used as reference by all stakeholders. The institutional concept is clearly embodied in the vision and mission, supported by sufficient organizational structure, a division who is responsible for planning, executing and evaluating the application of the green concept. Integration of green tourism model in the institutional vision and mission, will be directly or indirectly integrated in the process of teaching and learning, research and community services.The research was done by distributing questionnaire to the director as the highest position who has the main role in making policies. Vice director one, who is responsible for the application of the green concept in the teaching and learning process. Integration in the field of research and community services contributed by unit of research and community services. The research was also done in Hilton Hotel Chain in Bali, to find out the needs of green skills in tourism sector, especially in hotel businesses.  The research found that green tourism has been integrated in the vision and mission of State Polytechnic of Bali, but there is not agreed standard concept yet, that can be referred in the process of teaching and learning, research and community services. The institution agreed to align global and local concept, but those concepts have not been formulated as fundamental reference. All internal stakeholders convinced that, green integrated learning would make the institution more efficient, and
increase the level of competitiveness of its graduates. In line with the commitment of the institution, tourism industries, in this case hotels are strongly in need of well-trained graduates having green competency.

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