Dipole Cetak 900 Mhz dan 1800 Mhz untuk Antena Referensi

  • Hendro Darmono Politeknik Negeri Malang


The objective of the research is to design the shape and size of the printed dipole antenna that will radiate energy at two 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. The antenna is printed on a FR4 double layer PCB with a 30 µm copper conductor thickness. The parameters tested were return loss, radiation pattern and antenna gain. The calculation of physical size yields a first arm size of 65 mm, and a second
arm 25.8 mm. The antenna test results resonate at frequencies 916 MHz and 1848 MHz, return loss -19.8 dB at 916 MHz frequency with bandwidth of 280 MHz, and -14 dB at 1848 MHz frequency with 55 MHz bandwidth. Radiation pattern test results produce a directional pattern. The results of the strengthening test showed a value of -0.78 dB for a frequency of 916 MHz and at a frequency of 1884 resulted in a gain of -1 dB. Designed antennas have constraints in the design of balance to unbalance ¼ λ which only works on one frequency but the design antenna can be used as a reference antenna at 900 MHz frequency.

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