Perencanaan Antena Bowtie Array untuk Penerima TV

  • Waluyo Waluyo Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Koesmarijanto Koesmarijanto Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Rachmad Saptono Politeknik Negeri Malang


 Antenna is a device that serves to move the energy of electromagnetic waves from one media to
another media. The type of antenna that is widely used for TV receivers is the Yagi Antenna. In this
article will be discussed, the problem of designing a bowtie arrayed antenna works at a frequency f =
647.31 MHz which is  Used  as a TV receiver. The bowtie antenna is designed assuming antenna angle θ
= 60o, antenna length L = 0.73λ and wide ½L. The antenna material used of aluminum plate, 2: 1 toroidy
balloon, antenna impedance Zo = 75 Ω. The research was conducted in Polinema Telecommunication laboratory, while antenna measurement at work frequency f :  511,25 s.d 743,25 MHz. The measurement
result of Bowtie array antenna shows that the return value of Loss = -10.3 dB, VSWR value = 1.88, reflection coefficient Γ = 0.31. The highest gain of the antenna at the frequency: 671,25 MHz, ie 8.25 dBi,
mean gain = 3.9 dBi. The quality of TV reception results, among others TV stations: RCTI, Trans7,
Indosiar, can be received with a pretty good picture and bright.

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