Rancang Bangun Alat Bantu Aktifitas Pasien Bedrest

  • Sri Kusumastuti Politeknik Negeri Semarang
  • Sindung HW Sasono Politeknik Negeri Semarang
  • Suryono Suryono Politeknik Negeri Semarang


Bedrest is a medical procedure that is done by making sure the patient lie down and rest on the
bed in a certain period of time. Bedrest is an attempt decrease the activity of the patient. Patients with
mobility limitations of bedrest desperately need tools to perform day-to-day activities. The study design
and make tool of activity patients bedrest for controlling light, curtain lights, bell and light call for help.
The tool can work in two modes. The switch mode on, the tools work on Auto mode. The blinds will
automatically open in the morning and closed in the afternoon. When the curtain opens, light spaces
automatically turns off and when the curtains are closed automatically space lights will live. Users can
also control curtains and light spaces as desired, by means of manual mode, turn off the switch mode. On
manual mode, curtains and lamps controlled spaces using the button remote RF. Another feature is, when
the user (patient bedrest) need help can enable buzzer and light using remote RF, or use buttons mounted
on the patient table. Prototype tools can reduce the bedrest patient activity dependence patients on others
in doing our daily activities.

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