Desain Asset 3d (Tiga Dimensi) Rambu Lalu Lintas untuk Game Pengenalan Rambu- Rambu Lalu Lintas dengan Pendekatan Symbolic Analogy

  • Budi Suyanto Politeknik Negeri Semarang
  • Wahyu Sulistiyo Politeknik Negeri Semarang
  • Liliek Triyono Politeknik Negeri Semarang


The increasing of traffic accidents number in various countries has become today’s
international world concern. Indonesia as one of the developing countries also has problems with the
death rate due to traffic accidents. Based on Indonesian Police Korlantas data, in 2013 there were 93,578
accidents cases with death victim of 23,385 people, severe injuries as many as 27,054 people and light
injuries as many as 104,976 people, with material losses of about 234 billion rupiahs. Indication of the
main cause of the accident is due to road users who are not orderly, careless and exceed the speed limit.
Here the knowledge of orderly traffic in Indonesian society is still low. To improve the public's knowledge
in understanding traffic regulations, the Indonesian Police has established a cooperation with the
Ministry of Education and Culture on March 8, 2010, No 03 / III / KB / 2010 and B / 9 / III / 2010 on
traffic education in National Education. To increase the number of innovations in this field, this paper
design a 3D game application on learning traffic signs. The main problem in designing the game
structure is to combine the ideas and desires of players in an interesting gameplay (Wibawanto, 2013:
10). In order for the game to be interesting then it needs to be added an immersion. Developing a visual
asset from a game requires special reviews and analysis so that the game can give immersive or real
feelings to the as the traffic signs learning game where the complex traffic activity should be
presented in the game to qualify as a simulation game. Therefore the design of game assets of the traffic
signs learning use a symbolic analogy approach by identifying traffic signs, then take the main
characteristic of this object which subsequently be used as a reference in the development of visual assets

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