Aplikasi Administrasi Petani Salak di Desa Kaliurang Magelang Berbasis-Web

  • Nurasiah Nurasiah Universitas Gunadarma
  • Ade Irmayanti Universitas Gunadarma
  • Ali Akbar Universitas Gunadarma
  • Budiman Budiman Universitas Gunadarma


Kaliurang village of Magelang, Central Java, is a village with agricultural potential
dominated by nglumut snakefruit, it has received organic food certification and has regularly been
exported to China and Cambodia. The farmers is divided into five farmer groups based on the
geographical location, with the total number of 500 members. They are accommodated in the Combined
Farmer Group (Gapoktan) Ngudi Luhur. Gapoktan keeps track of transactions and archives activities
manually. With a large scale and spread geographical locations, Gapoktan requires a management tool
for their administrative activities. The research used interview method, direct observation and focus
group discussion in 2017, the application is developed into a web-based application by using
prototyping method. The application is made which includes farmer group data consisting of land area,
number of clumps, fruit production, number of farmers and data of registered farmers. The application
also covers the report of fruit receipts, the record of farmer transactions, archived data about owned
facilities and received assistance. Based on the crosscheck process, the application is in accordance
with their needs. The coordination and monitoring of farmers' transactions in each farmer group is


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