Desain Aplikasi Baca Aksara Jawa pada Sistem Operasi Android

  • Yoyok Heru Prasetyo Isnomo Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Mujianto Mujianto Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Nugroho Suharto Politeknik Negeri Malang


Indonesia has rich culture that uncountable, one of cultures which has academic value is
Javanese letters which is known by Carakan letters. According to story, that Javanese letters was made by
Ajisaka, it was known Dhentawyanjana at that time. Some Indonesia researchers is interested by this topic,
especially research that produces Javanese letters application. Applications which was made almost all in
tutorial, i.e. writing alphabet letters and then converted into Javanese letters. This research provides another
color, i.e the building of an application which will be able to convert Javanese letters into Alphabet through
capturing of hand phone camera. The method that is used to build this application is Picture Description
Language (PDL). It has two research methods that is done to make PDL algorithm design, application
system of reading Javanese sentences through mobile phone and examination system. The first step is
learning process or recognatioan process and the second step is examinitaion process or known in the term
as reading process. Reading process was done in two steps, i.e. pre process data and identification. The
examination result shows that PDL method that is implementated to program application on Android system
is able to read javanese letters from camera directly with error 3.97% and 3.34% for error of reading
through internet data. So all error rates is 3.61%.

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