Pengujian Awal Prototipe Mesin Pendingin Adsorpsi Intermittent Energi Surya

  • Nyoman Sugiartha Politeknik Negeri Bali
  • I Made Sugina Politeknik Negeri Bali


Adsorption cooling machines require thermal energy to produce cooling effect. The thermal energy may come from renewable energy resources, such as solar radiation with abundant availability. Adsorption cooling system is an
alternative cooling technology, which having very low demand on electrical energy. Vapour compression cooling systems consume huge electrical energy, thus development of the adsorption cooling system is necessary in an
attempt of energy savings. This paper discusses preliminary experimental testing of a solar intermittent adsorption cooling machine to characterise system’s pressure and temperature changes during adsorption cycle. The
testing is also focused on investigating minimum temperatures of evaporator and water under no load and water load of 1 kg conditions. The adsorption cooling machine employs granular activated carbon-ethanol as working pair
and halogen lamps of 2 x 500 watt as heat source to simulate solar energy. The test results show that adsorber temperature and pressure peak at 98.3 oC and -63 cmHg and 100.2 oC and -62.5 cmHg for no cooling load and water
load of 1 kg, respectively. Accordingly, evaporator temperature and pressure reached the lowest at 15.3 oC and -73 cmHg and at 20.1 oC of water temperature and -72.5 cmHg for respective load conditions.

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