Sifat Termal dan Ketahanan Bengkuk Material Sol Sepatu Pantofel Laki-Laki Dewasa

  • Eko Nuraini Politeknik ATK Yogyakarta


The development of technology triggers the increasingly widespread global competition in the
market. One of the products that also experience a development is the world of footwear. Nowadays,
men's shoes have undergone many modifications, especially the basic materials on the shoe sole part
which the basic material is made of natural rubber. This material is used to make shoe sole basic
material because it has high elasticity so that it has high tensile strength, elongation break and good
scrap resistance. Shoe sole material is used as a pedestal or footrest material when the user walks. This
study aimed to knows the thermal characteristics of shoe sole materials by using TG / DTA. Analysis
started at the temperature of 30°C and was ended at 800° C, with the rate of 10oC / min. Materials used
for the thermal characteristics of the shoe sole material are cut in small pieces with the weight of 5.7
milligrams. The bending resistance test was conducted in order to know the crack strength of the sole
material by using three shoe soles. The sole material was mounted on the bending resistance device, and
it was tested for 2000 movements. The thermal characteristics of the sole material showed the melting
temperature of 385° C, the glass transition temperature of 380°C, and it began experiencing weight
decreasement at the temperature of 290°C to 85% of the initial weight. The temperature of 700oC 800oC stabilized the weight to 11.4% of its initial weight. Material bending resistance does not experience a crack.

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