Iptek Bagi Masyarakat (IbM) Kelompok Usaha Pembuat Rusip

  • Robert Napitupulu Politeknik Manufaktur Bangka Belitung
  • Rodika Rodika Politeknik Manufaktur Bangka Belitung


Nabila Rusip is one of the IKM built Disperindag Pangkalpinang City which makes the
traditional food of the people of Bangka became popular and famous. This success is inseparable from
the role of Local Government of Pangkalpinang City which continues to encourage Nabila Rusip
business with the provision of appropriate technology in 2015 in processing fish raw materials for the
manufacture of rusip. However, at this time the machine can not be operated again due to operator
error in using the tool. The purpose of science and technology for the community of the business group
of the russians is to repair the fish pressing machine for the manufacture of rusip which was received by
the partner from the Industry and Trade Office of Pangkalpinang City. The implementation method
starts from inventorying problems, the process of repair and manufacture of machinery, assembly,
testing and lastly provides a brief training on how to operate and maintain the correct machine. The
results of this activity obtained the fish machine can be re-operated, productivity Nabila Rusip increase
and the sale proceeds to increase.

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