Pengaruh Unbalance pada Rotary Disk Terhadap Rugi Daya Motor

  • Maskuri Maskuri Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Imam Mashudi Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Lisa Agustriyana Politeknik Negeri Malang


The unbalance conditions of rotating machine devices often occur after improper
repair or return, due to interchange of bolt placement, or lose of the ring partly. In the game of
top, the balanced top conditions in turn will be stable and calm, and can spin much longer.
However, the unbalanced top, will turn swirly and move from one place to another, and then
stop spinning rapidly. Thus, this unbalanced state will lose much power out. The aim of this
research is to know the effect of the mass unbalance on rotary disk to the power lose out of the
driving force. In this research process, used steel plate which has 1867 (gram) weight; and 5
bolts weight mass that has 6.1 (gram) weight for each of them. The research independent
variables are: Disc rotation = 300 to 1800 (rpm) and Unbalance Mass = 0 to 5 bolts (30.5
gram). The dependent variable is motor power = (watts). From the experimental results,
obtained: the most significant effect is the rotation in 600 to 1500 (rpm) which has lose out the
power in amount of 16 (watts) or about 20%; while, the effect of the unbalance mass has lost
out the power in amount of 2 (watts) or about 2.5%.

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