Peningkatan Kekuatan Tarik Material FCD – 50 Dengan Proses Austemper,Cryogenic and Temper Ductile Iron (ACTDI)

  • Suriansyah Sabarudin Universitas Widyagama
  • Agus Suyatno Universitas Widyagama
  • Dadang Hermawan Universitas Widyagama


Steel dominates in industrial products, whether automotive, marine, railway, aircraft or building.
Materials that can be used as a steel substitute or at least as a steel partner in meeting the needs of the
community in the field of industry and various types of buildings and houses and housing. The material is
Ductile Cast Iron 50 (FCD-50). Interpretation of the FCD-50 is a Ductile Cast Iron that has a tensile
strength of 50kg / mm2. To match or at least close to the mechanical properties of steel, this material must
be enhanced its mechanical properties. The goal to be achieved in this research is to improve the
mechanical properties of FCD-50 so that in its application more can be utilized industrial society and
middle-income people down. The method to be used to improve the mechanical properties of FCD-50 is
the method of ACTDI (Austemper Cryogenic and Temper Ductile Iron). For heat treatment process,
FCD-50 specimen is inserted into kitchen heater, starting from 350C (room temperature) to 6000C and
holding for 45 minutes, so that at 9000C heating does not occur crack. The immersion of 12 specimens in
nitrogen liquid was carried out at different times, ranging from 12 hours, 24 hours and 72 hours.
Research Results for As-cast Testing obtained a pull strength value of 514.59 MPa. For Tensile Test with
ACTDI process, 12 hours immersion is obtained result of Pull Strength of 612.32 Mpa .. Soaking 24
hours resulted by Pull Strength of 597,20 Mpa. And the immersion of 72 hours obtained result of Power
Strength of 608.75 Mpa. From the Tarik test that has been performed for FCD-50 test materials, the final
result is obtained that all treatments are obtained by increasing the tensile strength. The highest increase
in tensile strength is the ACTDI process by immersion in liquid nitrogen for 12 hours. Microstructures
after soaking occur in the change in the structure of the structure where the number of perlite more when
compared with the number of ferrite, as well as the arrangement of graphite nodules better than As-cast

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