Analisis Proses dan Perencanaan Anggaran Penyediaan Komponen Bak Dump Truck

  • Nurchajat Nurchajat Politeknik Negeri Malang


In the era of modern transportation is not familiar with the name of carts as a tool for
moving materials / goods, remote land transportation equipment with heavy
workload (heavy equipment) is currently very needed humans to accelerate the
transfer of material / goods on a scale large enough a relatively short time, land
transportation equipment capable of handling these needs is a dump truck. The basic
price of a tub dump truck is still largely unknown to most dump truck users, no
company has publicly disclosed or announced how much the minimum budget
needed to produce it. The purpose of this paper is to determine the amount of budget
making of dump truck components. The amount of cost budget can be known
through work planning, work measurement, calculation of material needs, and the
need for the number of machines / operators. From the analysis obtained the total
price of material needs for the manufacture of front and side dump truck components
is Rp. 13,476,849, -, with details of total cost for material requirement are: Rp.
11,284,332, - Rent machine machine and tool is Rp. 2.058.500, - Total Working cost
without assembling operation Rp. 134.017, -

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