Rancang Bangun Mesin Pencacah Singkong dan Tangkai Talas

  • Idiar Idiar Politeknik Manufaktur Bangka Belitung
  • Erwansyah Erwansyah Politeknik Manufaktur Bangka Belitung
  • Sugianto Sugianto Politeknik Manufaktur Bangka Belitung


Cassava and taro stalk is a common plant and is often used as animal feed ingredients,
especially for chicken and duck breeders in the village of Simpang Rimba South Bangka
Regency. In the manufacture of animal feed is the constraint faced is the process of cassava
cultivation and taro stalk is still done manually using a knife or machetes so that the process
takes a long time. To overcome the above problems, the researchers made a cassava tiller
machine and a double-cut taro handle with a capacity of 30 kg / 30 minutes. The purpose of
this research is to get 100% faster enumeration time with the size of thickness of 2 - 7 mm.
Stages in this study is by way of data collection through field surveys, interviews and
literature study. The next step is data processing, concept creation and alternative selection,
machine manufacture and assembly, then test the engine functions and data analysis. The
concept and alternative design of the selected engine uses 0.5 HP electric motors using two
types of cutting systems. The results showed that the chopper machine was able to chop the
cassava and the taro stalk with a capacity of 30 kg within 30 minutes and the size of the
thickness of the results of 2 - 7 mm.

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