Penggunaan Limbah Plastik Pet pada Beton Normal Sebagai Pengganti Pasir

  • Qomariah Qomariah Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Sunarto Suryanto Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Sugiharti Sugiharti Politeknik Negeri Malang


Waste plastic bottles are major reason of solid waste disposal.The waste plastic bottles are
difficult to biodegrade and involves processeseither to recycle or reuse. The construction industry is in
require of finding cost effective materials for increasing thestrength of concrete structures. In this paper
deals with the possibility of using the waste PET bottles as  a fine agregate with substitution about  0%,
1%,2% and 3 % in concrete were produced  and compared against control mix with no replacement.
Thespecimens silinder Ø15x30 cm 80 numbers, eachwere cast cured and tested for  day, 7 day ,14 and
28 days absorption and strength. For workability used slump test, Compression test, flexural test and
absorption test were done. As a  results for slump value substitution up to 2 % plastic increased 22 %
from normal concrete. Absorption of concrete with 2 % plastic PET decrease gradually on 7,14 and 28
days about 9%,7% and 14 % to the normal concrete. For the concrete strength average with 2 %
substituition increased gradually 16.67 %,10,25 % and 10,41% to the normal concrete. For tensile
strength , increased about As a whole, substitution 2 % plastic PET decreased  weight of concrete,
increased the strength and lower it’s absorption for 28 days curing.


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