Dampak Perubahan Tata Guna Lahan Terhadap Kualitas Air Sungai di DAS Sampean

  • Sugiyarto Sugiyarto Politeknik Negeri Jember
  • Budi Hariono Politeknik Negeri Jember
  • Prawidya Destarianto Politeknik Negeri Jember


Sampean watershed covering the Bondowoso and Situbondo areas are urban watersheds that
have strategic significance which need to be specifically managed. Development activities in the Sampean
watershed, both upstream and downstream, are highly intensive and population growth is quite high.
Changes in land use, as well as increased residential areas in the region upstream, middle and
downstream have implications for the entry of pollutants into the Sampean watershed. The aims of this
research are: 1) to know the change of land use in Sampean watershed area; 2) to know the progress of
river water quality condition in Sampean watershed; 3) to know the pollution load in the Sampean
watershed area. This study using the National Sanitation Foundation’s - Water Quality Indeks (NSFWQI)
method. NSF-WQI methode consists of 9 parameters such as temperature, tss, turbidity, pH, BOD,
DO, Nitrate, Total Phosphate, and Fecal coliform. The results  of analysis are : (1) land use change of
1137 ha for settlement (2) monitoring water quality using NSF-IKA metode showed water quality in
Sampean river is middle category, (3) BOD and Fecal coliform are the contributing factors of decreasing
Sampean River water quality

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