Analisis Nilai Tambah Ekonomi Terhadap Pengelolaan Sampah di Desa Kalawat

  • Silvy Truly Sambuaga Politeknik Negeri Manado
  • Grace Joice Rumimper Politeknik Negeri Manado


Kalawat village has a high population density due to large population while limited land area,
this causes incapacity of carrying capacity of temporary shelter of garbage which leads to the problem of
waste as a result of the rest of the material that is not used by the family or existing industry. Trash will
never stop being produced by family or industry or any activity or process so it needs to be managed in a
sustainable and balanced way. Analysis of economic value added to waste management in Kalawat
Village is the sequence of research proposals. This is due to the daily garbage production by every
person and is a material that is not used. Continuous waste production every day results in increased
volume of waste, requiring adequate land for temporary shelter or processing. From this paper is taken
the problem how to create waste processing volume systematically and practically, how to use waste into
value-added income and become the goal of finding break event point or balance of waste processing
costs and also to understand that the waste as a friend to note and managed properly so that can be
drawn to the right knowledge in sustainable waste management and create a clean environment and
reduce waste processing costs.

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