Analisis Kelayakan Finansial Pembangunan Prasarana Pengendali Banjir Tukad Mati Tengah

  • Ketut Wiwin Andayani Politeknik Negeri Bali
  • I Gusti Agung Istri Mas Pertiwi Politeknik Negeri Bali
  • A.A Putri Indrayanti Politeknik Negeri Bali


River is one of the natural resources that are often used for various purposes. However, the
river also often causes problems that is flood. The occurrence of floods can be caused by
several things such as river flow is too large, rain is too heavy, misuse of maanfaat river by
humans, river capacity is reduced due to sedimentation, and others. Based on the above, a
study is needed to plan the flood control building that is economically feasible. The
location of this river is located in the tourist area, it is necessary to touch the arrangement
of the area in the form of fence and paving above the embankment and greening so that the
river embankment is expected to be a new destination for tourism in Badung regency.
The development of course requires a huge investment cost so it is deemed necessary to
analyze the financial feasibility to know the development of the infrastructure along with
the arrangement around it as a tourist destination provides long-term and sustainable
benefits. Output from this research is financial feasibility decision with monte carlo
simulation method which determined by variable of NPV, BCR and IRR. The research
stages are divided into three stages: analysis of project costs, direct and indirect project
benefit analysis and investment feasibility analysis. The result of the research shows from
the calculation of financial feasibility by taking into account the sensitivity at the minimum
interest rate of 12 % and maximum of 15% is got obtained value variable feasibility as
follows, the NPV value with the likelihood level of NPV ≤ Rp.29,692,664,381.20 of 50%
with minimum NPV value Rp. 22,156,681,844.01 and maximum of Rp.39,030,628,589,32  ,
average value of BCR 11,694 with minimum BCR value equal to 8,922 and value of BCR
maximum equal to 14,987 with cumulative value of BCR ≤ 11,694 equal to 40% and value
BCR ≥ 11,694 equal to 60%, and IRR value equal to 0,06%. This value is spread between
21,85% to 22,18%. This indicates that when compared to the Minimum Attractive Rate of
Return (MARR) above the defined MARR of 12%. Correlation analysis with Tornado
diagram shows that the most influential factor in determining the value of the feasibility
indicator of the development of tourism area of  Tukad Mati estuary is the number of
tenants and the rental unit price in this case the boat rent is 46,9 up to 47%.

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