Konservasi Air pada Lahan dengan Kepadatan Bangunan Tinggi di Kota Malang

  • Galih Damar Pandulu Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi
  • Diana Ningrum Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi


 This study expects the settlement arrangement with high density of the building by seeking the
return of land function as water absorption for water conservation. The purpose of this research is to find
open space to absorb water for phenomenon of violation of building permit such as land cover more than
70% for building, open space that there is no green open space so that rain water immediately crush
surface to road drainage. Provide at least 10% of open land through compensation of open space
violations in each housing unit in the provision of land per m2 / rupiah which will be accumulated for the
provision / purchase of land for the provision of open space and lake. And also realize 30% green open
land through the concept of vertical housing. The research method used socio-economic analysis to know
population growth and economic activity. Analysis of spatial use pattern of study area to know physical
suitability. Analysis of space structure to know the pattern of settlement and spatial optimization.
Hydrological analysis includes the analysis of the frequency of rainfall, the calculation of the rain
intensity of a certain repeat period, and the discharge plan to determine the volume of the lake.
Mechanical analysis and analysis of vertical housing structures. The results of this study were obtained in
Malang city in general there are 7.789 hectares of built land (70.77%) and 3.217 hectares of open land
(29.23%). Klojen and Blimbing sub-districts are areas with less than 10% of open space so that they do
not meet the ideal proportion of land use. While Sukun sub-district is an area that has open space more
than 30% of the area to meet the ideal proportion of spatial. Jodipan Sub-districts has the largest Open
Space of 17.93%, Samaan Sub-District has the smallest Open Space Green of 3.99%.

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